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Browncroft Family Restaurant

It’s over in Penfield. Near Browncroft and Blossom. It’s a diner. There’s coffee and a menu listing diner type food. Here’s something we have learned in the year-plus of our blogging. Our most popular posts […]

Scott’s II at the Public Market

“You have chosen wisely” – Lord de Bauvis, seigneur of St. Gobain and Folembray. Castellan de Cambri, Viscount of Savoy… known far and wide as William the Lion, Duke of Brittany. “You chose wisely” – […]

Misfit Donuts

Ok, bro, You want donuts. And you’re vegan. Or you’re not, but you’re trying to impress this vegan chick. Or, you want to actually be a decent guy and support local business and have good […]

Busy Bee Restaurant

The Busy Bee Resaurant is situated on West Main Street, across from a pay-to-park lot that won’t let you park for an early morning breakfast without paying the all day price. Not that the Xonuts […]

Skyliner Diner

A.k.a. (maybe) Bill Gray’s Strong Museum According to RocWiki, the diner “was manufactured by the Fodero Dining Car Company in New Jersey, in 1956. It would have been transported by rail, and then by truck, […]

The Central Park Family Diner

…or First & Central Family Diner? How we arrived at the decision to visit this diner is of little consequence, though what we experienced is of great value to you. From all external perspectives, the […]

Kim’s Donut-N-Diner

“You’re going to regret that” – a damn genius So, it’s hard to tell what this place is called. Kim’s Restaurant? Donut diner? Variants thereof? Its online presence is mysterious and we’re pretty sure that […]

James Brown’s Place

“Why would you ever get up this early? This hour is ungodly” – our pleasant Xonuts guest Predawn.  This week our slogan-picker and contest winner decided to cash in on his free breakfast. He selected […]

The Mad Hatter Restaurant & Bakery

“Why is a raven like a writing desk?” – Dave, amid his descent into madness 2018 Dave’s Choice for Best Savory Menu Item (Queen’s benedict) Wheee! You step inside and knock the snow off your boots. […]

The Avenue Diner

Sometimes you’re just in the mood for food. No fuss. No muss. No mustard.   If you want sausage and eggs with peppers and onions and no frills, this is the place to go. Just […]