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Bo and Dave's Breakfast Adventures in the Rochester Area and Beyond

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Maa’s Diner

Maa! The breakfast! Straight outta the 50s. Ike Eisenhower would approve. It’s right on Empire Boulevard. Surrounded by the modernness of modern Webster, Maa’s is a landmark removed from time. Like the stone thing at […]

T’s Family Restaurant

How do you know when you are in excellent XONUTS territory? Bendy straws Opens at 5:00 AM Serves real maple syrup Sauteed onions Coffee outpost …it checks off all the boxes! Bo and Dave ventured […]

Hegedorns Market

This one was on the list. We had been told at various times over the past seven years to visit Hegedorns. A court clerk at Pittsford Town Court recommended it. A co-worker, Webster citizen she, […]

Landmark Family Restaurant

East Rochester. A town and a village with coterminous boundary lines. We’d been neglecting our little VillageTown to the east. Landmark was recommended to us. We decided to go. It’s in the same plaza as […]

Ugly Duck Coffee

Try a pastry. Pastry a try. Try a coffee. Eee cough a try. Try a latte. A latte or cry. Try a pastry. A pastry, a latte, oh my! The next time you find yourself […]

Pat’s Coffee Mug

It’s nestled in the South Wedge. A plain sign. A street corner. A homey-looking counter, lit inside. Go inside and sit at the counter. It’s fine. There’s a little specials board over on the right. […]

Browncroft Family Restaurant

It’s over in Penfield. Near Browncroft and Blossom. It’s a diner. There’s coffee and a menu listing diner type food. Here’s something we have learned in the year-plus of our blogging. Our most popular posts […]

Scott’s II at the Public Market

“You have chosen wisely” – Lord de Bauvis, seigneur of St. Gobain and Folembray. Castellan de Cambri, Viscount of Savoy… known far and wide as William the Lion, Duke of Brittany. “You chose wisely” – […]

Misfit Donuts

Ok, bro, You want donuts. And you’re vegan. Or you’re not, but you’re trying to impress this vegan chick. Or, you want to actually be a decent guy and support local business and have good […]

Busy Bee Restaurant

The Busy Bee Resaurant is situated on West Main Street, across from a pay-to-park lot that won’t let you park for an early morning breakfast without paying the all day price. Not that the Xonuts […]